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Non-Profit Organization for


Making Cybersecurity Education Accessible Anywhere
Creating a more knowledgeable world of cybersecurity for disadvantaged groups
Conducting workshops and training sessions on the latest threats and preventive measures.

Our Mission

Level 9 Corporation is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to offering free or affordable classes and education in cybersecurity, cyber awareness, and Information Technology. Our mission is to empower underrepresented, underserved, and disadvantaged communities, fostering inclusive and equitable access to essential skills while enhancing data and cyber practices for local communities within the United States. We have a patent pending on a unique content delivery and educational system designed to provide tailored training that is culturally enriching and accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience, creating pathways into a thriving industry through safe and practical real-world approaches.

Our Programs

Career Resources

Find resources for advancing a career in cybersecurity. 

Face-to-Face Learning

Live interaction between a learner and an instructor. 

Virtual Learning

Join us for a range of technical and career development.

Open Source Projects

Contribute and collaborate on innovative technology projects.

Cyber Awareness

Learn strategies to stay safe online and maintain your privacy.

Certification Boot Camps

Condensed amount of information to succeed in your education goals.

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Securing the future of our communities.

Level 9 Corporation offers training courses covering a wide spectrum of topics, including information security, risk management, ethics, and secure software development. Our classes are taught by cybersecurity professionals, and many apply directly to industry-recognized certifications.

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