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Making Cybersecurity Education Accessible anywhere
Assisting with Cybersecurity Compliance Requirements
Securing Businesses From Cyber-Attacks

Our Mission

Level 9 Corporation is a 501(c)(3c) non-profit organization dedicated to offering free or affordable classes and education in cybersecurity, cyber awareness, and Information Technology. Our mission is to empower underrepresented communities, fostering inclusive and equitable access to essential skills while enhancing data and cyber practices for local communities within the United States. We have a patent pending on a unique content delivery and educational system designed to provide tailored training that is culturally enriching and accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience, creating pathways into a thriving industry through safe and practical real-world approaches. 

How may we contribute to bolstering your data security?

Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

We assist in the development of cybersecurity policies and procedures tailored to the organization’s specific needs. Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Incident Response Training

Train company staff in incident response procedures, including how to detect, report, and mitigate security incidents. Simulate real-world cyberattacks to prepare teams for crisis situations.

Connect With Trained Professionals To Secure Your Data

Gain peace of mind by connecting with seasoned data security professionals who offer tailored, proactive defense strategies to safeguard your valuable digital assets and sensitive information. Benefit from their expertise and personalized recommendations to fortify your data defenses and ensure data privacy in today’s digital landscape.

Look to us for a facility and coordinate your future cyber security programs with seasoned and experienced mentors.