Past Projects


Project Xander

Level 9 Corporation worked closely with The University of Texas at San Antonio and MITRE Corporation to act as an expert provider of cybersecurity solutions to non-profit organizations across San Antonio. This includes Churches, Schools, Student Outreach organizations, and more!

As both a non-profit organization and experts in the field of Cybersecurity and Information Technology, Level 9 Corporation knows the intrinsic value of Cybersecurity and Cyber awareness, especially for non-profit organizations, who tend to be vulnerable to Cyberthreats.

Level 9 Corporation worked as mentors to the students of UTSA and helped guide students to deliver substantive and low-cost Cybersecurity solutions to non-profit organizations.

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Calvary Baptist Academy & U.S. Air Force Cyber Security University (AFCSU)

High School Outreach Program

Level 9 Corporation conducted a Cybersecurity seminar for High Schoolers at the Calvary Baptists Academy.

This outreach program was to teach a new generation about the field of Cybersecurity, the challenges the field faces, and the opportunities available to those interested in the field.

The Cybersecurity seminar covered a variety of topics including the functioning of Computers, networks, internet surveillance, internet / network security, and an introduction to Blockchain Technology.